Get Rid of Skunk Odor
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How to Get Rid of Skunk Odor:
Many folks do not know that skunks are dwelling below there deck or house till they spray or begin to smell the skunk odor. A lot of times after skunk removal is performed the aroma of the skunk should be dealt with. A Skunks odor is awful and the odor will last for years if left untreated.
How to get rid of skunk odor
In this image the skunk fell down into the cellar during the spring then died below the furnaces oil tanks. I recognized the odor as a dead skunk because the scent had been around for a long time with the unchanged intensity and more terrible on hotter days. I had scrutinized the crawlspace under the home for dead skunks but didn't discover any. I then searched in the basement following my nose and below the oil tanks in the far corner the dead skunk was waiting for me. The skunk smell was still fresh as the day it died and when he was removed the skunk odor unleashed. 3 deodorizing treatments later the basement eventually started to smell better. The 1st step is to locate and take away the generator of odor and that would be the dead skunk. The next step is to treat the region with an odor neutralizer.
I've had outstanding success eliminating skunk odor with Citrus Neutrox; this is put on with a sprayer, this will assist starting the skunk odor removal procedure.
This is another way on how to get rid of skunks odors. Occasionally you are able to use 1 quart of Peroxide, 1/4 cupful of backing soda, and a tablespoonful of dish liquid. This had better be applied right away on the odor source. Leave alone for many minutes to obtain better effects. This is the best home cure for skunk odor removal that's been observed. Do not store in a sealed container after mixing.